Rhoni Groff currently has a private practice near Philadelphia.  In her work she assists adults, children, babies, and pets to find more harmony and inner peace. Private sessions are available in person, Zoom or by phone.  

During a  regular flower essence or energy session, Rhoni uses a combination of knowledge, intuition, channeling and assisting in self reflection to assist clients in focusing on patterns they wish to change.  Using flower, gem and vibrational essences along with personal guidance opportunities arise to help one witness and understand emotional patterns.  At the end of each session, a customized flower essence is created to assist in this process of awareness and change.  The client takes their essence over a three week period to continue the process of awareness and change.  Monthly sessions are advised for a period of time dependent on each patient’s personal progress.

Drawing on her teaching background, Rhoni welcomes the opportunity to work with children.  Most children respond very quickly to flower essences.  Dealing with emotional turmoil early can prevent negative beliefs from becoming too entrenched and deeply affecting the personality.  Habits and behaviors can more easily be released when detected early.

Flower essences can support the relief of deep anger, anxiety, panic attacks, birth trauma, depression, grief, stress, and ease the trauma of sexual, physical and verbal abuse.  Enhancing self esteem, assisting through transitions, helping to promote an overall well-being, flower essences can make real changes to one’s personality, when desired.  As energetic beings we respond on so many levels to the increase of positive, higher energy.  Flower Essences introduces a higher vibration and along with positive intensions make very real changes in our personalities, emotions, thoughts and overall well-being.

Flower essences therapy is a perfect complement to many of today’s health practices ~ complementary and allopathic.

Flower essences are safe, natural and non-toxic.

They are not intended as a substitute for regular professional medical attention or psychological counseling.


        Consultations available in person,

                        via phone or Zoom

Healing with Flower Essence happens by taking time to look directly at your emotions, beliefs and patterns that can reveal themselves in the process of our interaction and taking your personalized remedy.  I invite you to consider making a 3 time commitment of monthly visits to begin this process.

Flower Essence session: 1.5 hours

With the help of flower, gem, vibrational essences and gentle guidance opportunities arise to help one witness, understand and release unhealthy patterns. Flower essence sessions occur in the office and can also take place over the phone.

Energy Session 1.5 hours

On the table in my office or remotely. 

This healing session uses flower, gem and vibrational essences in combination with hands-on energy work.  We speak before the session  and then essences are taken before the healing session begins. This treatment is useful for specific clearing of trauma, unblocking emotions that affect the body, mind and spirit and building positive characteristics in the personality. 

Release Session 1.5 hours

If during a flower essence session it becomes apparent that you are in the midst of a release.  Assistance can be given by along with energy work to assist this process.  Best to let the layers of unrest in the body go then to push them back down where they can still have an affect on your present day choices.

At the end of each session, a customized flower essence in a 1/2 oz. bottle is created to assist the client in this process of change.

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