There are choices made in each moment that define our day, our energy,

our mood and experience. Flower Essences & Sprays consisting of Flower Essences and

Essential Oils, can help us make more relaxed and informed choices. 

If Fear, Anger, Lack of Self Worth, Other’s Energies are

more Present then we are in each moment...

We Aren’t Fully Living in Joy, Acceptance and Love!

Try a spray to brighten your day!  Spray yourself 3 times a day and see what can happen!

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An unique line of essences and sprays are an important part 
of what is offered at

      5 New Inner-Act Sprays!

Turning us within to Connect with our

Inner Guidance more completely!

I Am Calm, I Am Courageous, I Am Worthy,

I Am Trust and Truth & Fully Present ....Want one?  Not on the Site me at [email protected]