There are choices made in each moment that define our day, our energy,

our mood and experience. Flower Essences & Sprays consisting of Flower Essences and

Essential Oils, can help us make more relaxed and informed choices. 

If Fear, Anger, Lack of Self Worth, Other’s Energies are

more Present then we are in each moment...

We Aren’t Fully Living in Joy, Acceptance and Love!

Try a spray to brighten your day!  Spray yourself 3 times a day and see what can happen!

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An unique line of essences and sprays are an important part 
of what is offered at
A New Spray for This Time~ White Pine Spray 2020

Made with White Pine Flower Essences* & White Pine essential oil

*created with my daughter Jade, [email protected]

White Pine Flower and tree essences for 2018 & 2019

is about finding Focus, Calm, Confidence, Clarifications and Direction. 

White Pine Tree Flower 2020 is about assistance in  raising one’s awareness through the connections from Divine Consciousness~to 3rd Eye~ to the Heart

to assist in unwinding the mystery, enhance one’s golden light to find more                    peace and trust.


Try a Flower Essence Session to reveal

what is actually fueling our emotions and thoughts. 

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