In 2006, Rhoni founded
featuring a line of unique and powerful essences and sprays. She also co-created with Mana* an

exciting line of sprays and essences that embody the energetic

frequency of ancient Egypt


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Sprays & Essences

         Flower Essences are the extracts of the unique energetic vibration of a flower. Flowers are the highest concentration of the life force of a plant, tree or shrub..  Each essence consists of the energetic healing vibrations of the flower, gem, place or intention released into water and have the potential to affect our emotions, personality, belief systems, thoughts and overall well-being. 


Once consumed through the skin (placed on the wrist) or by mouth (1-3 drops 2-3 times a day), these essences have the potential to become a force for change in the consciousness of the individual. 

     Flower and Vibrational Sprays combine therapeutic-grade essential oils and essences that support the healing potential of each spray.  Together they can support transformational awakening on all levels. They are medicine for the emotional body and help to restore balance on the physical, emotional and spiritual level.

Users of these sprays can have them touch their skin so that the essences enter the body for their full potential to be released.  Ideally 2-3 times a day.  One can also spray a room with intention for affecting whatever change they wish to bring forward in that space.

Elevated vibration entering the body can assist one in converting lower thoughts into higher understanding.

Flower Essences are safe, natural and non-toxic.

They are not intended as a substitute for regular

professional medical care.

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