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         Rhoni Groff offers workshops on Healing with Flower Essences.   Each program can be 2-3 hours long, and includes a slide presentation, an experiential component where participants can sample essences and sprays, and time for questions.

Some topics covered:

  1. The history of flower essences

  2. How to create a flower essence

  3. How flower essences can help to heal the emotional body,

  4. mind and spirit and the science behind this healing.

  5. What can happen during a flower essence session

  6. Self healing with flower essences

  7. Using flower essences to combat Lyme disease, ADD and ADHD, depression, transitions, traumas and aging.

Conscious Manifesting Workshop~ getting in touch with our subconscious to reveal what we are really saying to ourselves.

To organize or host a workshop with Rhoni contact

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