The past is a cancelled check!

To be fully present in each moment requires awareness of what we are saying to ourselves in response to our hopes,
dreams and prayers.

Flower Essences can be helpful in letting go of non-serving thoughts, patterns, behaviors and beliefs to be the fullest expression of YOU!

The Magic of Flower Essences

About Rhoni

Hi I’m Rhoni- a Certified Flower Essence Practitioner, creative poet and artist. During my 20 year journey with Flower Essences I have traveled deep within to uncover truths I had pushed away and forgotten. I blossomed into a woman who was willing to see all aspects of myself and let go of those that weren't in alignment with my truth.

As a practitioner, I guide my clients through their Flower Essence journey to understand that their strength and wholeness doesn't come from any outward event or person. It is found in Inner Knowing of Oneself. Hidden in your Heart's Knowing is the peace and contentment you seek. It is Ever-Present and waits for you.

Creating a Flower Essence

There are choices we make in each moment of our life that define our day, our energy, our mood and our experiences. 

Flower essences are liquid extracts of the energetic vibration of a flower. Each flower has it's own unique energetic pattern that influences us in a particular way. Once put into the water the flower's unique pattern is released into every water molecule in the bowl.

I have found that taking the right combination of essences helped me to take a step back in a present moment experience and become an observer of the situation rather then quickly reacting.

Flower essence subtle yet powerful influences could assist in changing patterns, emotional reactions and un-serving beliefs. They can work to harmonize our body, mind and spirit so we may live in accordance with our divine nature.

Flower essences in the sprays along with therapeutic and organic essential oils can also help us make more relaxed and informed choices in our daily life.

Flower Essence Sprays

 I believe in the power of my sprays. The combination of Flower, Gem, Vibrational and Sacred Place essences along with organic and therapeutic grade essential oils enhances the healing potential of each spray. I gratefully received the formulas for these sprays through a combination of meditation and knowledge.

The higher vibration of these sprays could assist one in converting troubling thoughts into higher understanding.

Empowerment Collection

Empowerment Collection

Inner-Act Sprays

Inner-Act Sprays

Flower Essence Collection

Flower Essence Collection

Sacred Egyptian Sprays and Essences

Egyptian Sprays and Essences


“Rhoni has an awe-inspiring gift to translate communications from your highest Self and your guides into an alchemical equation of flower essences and sacred support.  I have had numerous sessions with Rhoni and am continuously joyful and blessed to have her and the support her Gift of the Flowers provides for me in my life, especially when I am struggling in seeing the Truth.  Each session has granted me clarity to see the patterns I am creating and the structural support of the flowers to choose a new way.”


“Rhoni Groff has a gift for manifesting through her sprays and essences, both the transformative and nurturing properties of flowers and plants. Through her diverse products, Rhoni so gracefully and lovingly makes the healing power of nature accessible in both subtle and palpable ways, bringing to life the therapeutic qualities hidden within the very core of life. Rhoni’s ‘Gift of the Flowers’ is truly a ‘Gift to us all’.”


Rhoni's flower essences and guidance have been such an important part of my journey and process. I never realized the subtle energetic gift of flowers until I was introduced to her work. Rhoni always channels important information that aids me on my healing journey, paired with essences that help me to work through my barriers and challenges in life. I now have a whole shelf dedicated to her sprays and essences that I use on a daily basis. I highly recommend working with Rhoni!