Private Sessions

There are moments in our lives that change us forever

 Harsh words, actions and traumatic events can leave imprints in us energetically and physically. These imprints from our past could have a negative influence on our thoughts, emotions, and actions in our present moment.  Awareness of past influences is the first step to change.

 Without realizing it, fear and lack of self confidence can direct your life.  Flower essences and flower essence therapy could help you open, trust and change. Flower essences could also help you access unconscious thoughts in relation to your hopes, dreams and prayers. These subconscious statements have a great influence over what you believe you can manifest. These times are pushing us to show up and do what we've been growing towards-Using our gifts for the betterment of ourselves and the world!

  A session begins with a short meditation to ground and connect. In the first session, we review your past to better understand what is happening to you in the present.  I use knowledge, intuition and my ability to channel information to guide you into your body to help discover and release past influences that could be affecting your present ability to create a life filled with peace, joy, self love, and courage. Awareness of your thoughts, emotions and stories is the first step to change. 

  Near the end of a session, a personalized flower essence blend is created. Flower essences continue the process of awareness and change that began in our session. They help us remember our truest selves, take responsibility for our growth, and to be more in tune with the underlying attitudes that perpetuate the same lessons over and over again.

Flower essences therapy is a perfect complementary modality to Allopathic and Alternative health practices.
Sessions are 1.5 hours long
Investment is $150

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