Our life plays out through what we choose to believe, allow and follow.

  I was always  connected to nature in the marshes and the ocean of the New Jersey shore. I trusted the gifts I received alone with the plants. Yet, my path to flower essence therapy wasn’t that direct. I studied psychology, art, became a gallery owner, an art teacher a wife and a mother

  Then 18 years ago I met my flower essence teacher, and knew from the moment he spoke that this was my destiny.  During my journey with flower essences I traveled deep within to uncover truths I had pushed away and forgotten.  I found parts of me I was afraid to reveal  Slowly things that no longer served me fell away, but the best of me emerged.  I gave up my art studio and my teaching job. I met my spiritual teacher, I got in touch with the unseen world of energetic support and guidance again and together we created gifts for myself and others in the form of sprays, my channeling for clients, my poetry and a fuller presence in myself.   

  I've had the opportunity to travel throughout the United States, also to Greece, Egypt, India and Canada creating flower, vibrational and sacred place essences. I also co-created an exciting line of sprays and essences that embody the energetic frequency of ancient Egypt.  Over the years and especially recently many of my essences were made in my own backyard. I am humbled and grateful for it all.

  Currently I have a private practice near Philadelphia. In my work I assist adults, children, babies, and pets to find more harmony and inner peace. I use a combination of active listening, clinical knowledge, channeling and energy treatments to assist clients in discovering non-serving beliefs, emotions and stories that interfere with finding more inner strength, contentment and joy.

   Whatever is happening in our lives, we are being asked to not blame one another but to recognize this is coming from within ourselves based on past events or our beliefs and affecting our own vibration.  Once we recognize negative patterns real change is possible.

"I have known Rhoni since the 1980s when we painted together. Now decades later, I find myself trusting her kind, gentle wisdom, her guidance from spirit, and her magical flower essences to help me grow in truth and understanding. During the past 2 years of sessions and essences, I have become increasingly centered, calm, clear, grounded, more in touch with my whole self and my intuition. I have been able to realign with my husband who left his physical form in 2016 and often contributes to our sessions. I deeply honor Rhoni’s powerful abilities to draw from the invisible realms and the plant kingdom and then share what she is receiving. The sessions and the essences have been quite transformative in my life".  BPS