Clearing Spray 2 oz.

Clearing Spray 2 oz.

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Knowing what to keep and what to let go of, clarity of  purpose and emotions. 

Essential Oils

Geranium- relax the mind, calm agitation, ease frustration & irritability. Add more joy & acceptance.
Lavender- Calming, uplifting, more positive, more composed and balanced emotionally.
Neroli- soothing, calming, anti stress, anti fear and anti depression, helps one face challenges.
Orange- uplifting, anti-anxiety, increase peace and happiness.
Rose- boosts self esteem, confidence and mental strength.  Good for depression and anxiety.

Flower Essences

Clearing essence- energy within settles & attached energies clear away.  Feel more relaxed, centered and in touch with yourself.
Hobblebush-  brings balance, helps one relax, enjoy and let go.
Yarrow-  protection from and clearing of energies taken in from one’s environment.
Lady’s Mantle- integrity, assistance in being more certain of self, clarity of emotions and thought.
White Cedar-  assistance in clearing and releasing negativity.  Protecting and purifying.
White Pine- helps one be calmer, clearer, more grounded, relaxed, centered and focused.