INNER-ACT-         I Am Trust & Truth Spray 2oz.

INNER-ACT- I Am Trust & Truth Spray 2oz.

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Connecting to your Inner Guidance to be more Centered, Fearless and  Self Guided

Essential Oils:

Cedarwood- Can assist one in centering strength, confidence and concentration to complete task we may not want to do.

Frankincense/Myrrh- An oil of Truth. Feeling calm, safe and balanced.
the mind and body and coming to a place of wholeness.

Lavender Spike- Calming, uplifting, more positive and composed. Balances emotions.
Energizing and stimulating for better focus and concentration.

Norway Spruce- Calms the emotions bringing balance to the mind & body. Purifying and up-lifting,

Siberian Fir- Invites us to get beyond pain, regrets and other negative attachments
to the past.  Allowing you to move forward. It calms and grounds as  you do so..

Ylang Ylang- Calming, relaxing, increases self love, confidence, joy and peace.

Flower Essences:

Amma 2012- Courage, Fortitude and Stamina

Angelica- Presence and Truth. It is all right in front of you, but one must relax, trust and develop their Inner Knowing. Also being okay with who you are and fearlessly being yourself

Bellflower- Clarity of mind, Light activation to integrate Higher thought, Trust, and being more Fearless.  

Lovage 2020- Can bring in more positivity, calming, quieting.and centering. To help one carry more inner strength, discernment and knowing your way and your Truth.

Marshmallow 2020- Allowing things in our life that no longer serves us to be released. Be connected to Inner Guidance as you make these decisions. Just like trees, pruning often assists us in growing stronger. One can be soft, flexible and strong.

Small Red Hibiscus- Step into your knowing that Soul’s guidance is ever present, listen to the soft, kind, loving whispered from true guidance. Stand firmly in this truth which comes from Love and will do no harm.

Vibrational Essence

Mt. Sinai- Fully connected to Divine Guidance and following the Yes and No without question.  Seeing the in Divine in everyone is the greatest Truth.