Inner-Act-I Am Courageous Spray 2 oz.

Inner-Act-I Am Courageous Spray 2 oz.

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Connecting to your Inner Guidance to have more Strength and Confidence to move forward

Essential Oils:

Balsam Fir- uplifting, calms the mind, enlivens the senses, restores confidence and courage.

Cedarwood- strength, confidence and concentration to complete tasks we may
not want to do.

Lavender Spike- Calming, yet more energizing and stimulating, can help with focus and concentration
Norway Spruce- Calms the emotions bringing balance to the mind & body. Purifying and up-lifting,

Siberian Fir- Invites us to get beyond pain, regrets and other negative attachments
to the past.  Allowing you to move forward. It calms and grounds.

White Pine- Clarifying, uplifting and invigorating. Clears the mind of stress and enhances concentration

Flower Essences:

Amma 2012- Courage, Fortitude and Stamina
Angelica- strength, be bold and strong and deepen your connection to guidance.
This inner guidance connection helps one “Bloom” more fully.

Borage- Uplifting, helps one develop move inner strength to move forward. Feeling
uncluttered and empty which can allow in more acceptance.
Evening Primrose 2020- Can help one release attachment to past events and drop fear. Giving one more strength to act in the present to release, change and move forward.

Lady’s Mantle- Assistance in grounding and understanding that everyone is given gifts. Knowing this will give you strength to share them

Small Red Hibiscus- Step into your knowing that Soul’s guidance is ever present,
listen to the soft, kind, loving whispered from true guidance. Stand firmly in this truth
which comes from Love and will do no harm.

White Pine Flower 2020- this essence is a beacon of Golden Light to ignite in you more peace, trust and inner knowing. . This understanding could assist one in accessing their courage to move through the unknown more calmly. 3rd Eye to Throat to Heart Connection ~ Know your Inner Guidance to speak and act from Consciousness.