What Are Flower Essences: Flower Essences are liquid extracts of the unique energetic vibration of a flower, a gem, a place or intention. Their energetic and living quality, work subtly yet directly and deeply on the emotional and physical levels helping us experience health, happiness and fulfillment in our lives.

How do I use Flower Essences: Traditionally, Flower Essences are taken internally 3 drops 3 times per day.  If I am really busy, I take 4 drops in the AM and 5 in the PM. When taken consistently, the results you can see, feel, and experience in your life can be quite transformational.

How do I use your Flower Essence and Essential Oil Sprays:
Because my sprays contain flower, gem, place or intention essences it is important to have the spray touch your skin.  That said, intention can alsoplay a key role in the effectiveness of the sprays. Ex: you can spray a room with an intention to clear and use the Clearing Spray or want to be more focused and use the Focus Spray. I find this to work quite well.

What kind of Essential Oils are in your Flower Essence Sprays and what is the difference between Flower Essences and Essential oils:
I use therapeutic grade and organic essential oils in all my sprays. Essential Oils are extracted through a process of steam distillation where the oil and waters are separated from the physical plant. Essential oils have a smell and are being studied for their ability to directly have an influence on the brain. They are different then perfume which lingers, the aroma does not last. The essential oils are chosen to work together with flower essences on the particular intention of the spray.  Flower Essences are created through connection, intention and solarized water. A flower's energetic pattern is transferred in water with help from the Sun’s rays. Flower essences have a small amount of brandy or cane alcohol have no smell and are ingested internally or rubbed on the hand and wrist.

Are Flower Essences safe for Children? I love working with children as they respond quickly to Flower Essences. It is interesting to work with a child and also with adults on the same issues. When I work with a child there isn't years of unresolved issues and years of emotional baggage. It's fresh and easier to release. Usually they need less sessions as they have less years to unwind. Many times, I feel the need to give an essence to the parent as well. This is  helpful to making lasting change in the family's energetic patterns. 

Are Gift of the Flower essences stock or dosage?
This depends on whether you are getting a single essence or a blend. Each single essence is made directly from the Mother Essence (which is a combination of the original energetic essence and a preservative in the form of alcohol or vinegar. When making a blend, I make them dosage (meaning they come from a stock bottle not the Mother). I do this because dosage can go deeper into one's emotional system.  Also you take them 3 drops 3 times a day until completed. Stock ranges from 1-3 drops depending on why you are taking them.

What is the difference in taking an essence or using a spray of the same name? Not much difference if you would use the spray 3 times a day and make sure it touches your skin.  Essences have a direct line into your system and may be a bit faster energetically.  That said, sprays have the added benefit of essential oil assistance. I think it is mostly a matter of preference. If I am making a formula for someone after a session, I almost always use an essence.

Will flower essences interfere with any medications?
No. Although flower essences work best in a medication-free system, they do not interfere with or complicate the action of any medication.

Are flower essences always taken orally?
No. Flower essences can be used in a variety of ways. You can take them orally, rub them into your skin, add them to spray bottles or mix them into bathwater or foot soaks. How you use flower essences really depends on your personal preferences and lifestyle.

Can I select essences for myself or should I ask a trained flower essence practitioner for help?
Both methods work well. The descriptions associated with Gift of the Flowers products make selection simple and effective. However, you may have a deeper experience if you work with a trained practitioner who can help you see how past events, beliefs and stories could be affecting your present happiness. As well as putting together a balanced essence to support this process.

How often can I take flower essences?
Although the standard dosage is three drops, three times a day, there are no rigid rules. You can adjust the dosage, depending on your needs and the intensity of the issues you are working through. More challenging issues may require more frequent doses.

Are there any circumstances in which I should not take essences?
Yes. You should not use essences as the main intervention for emotional, mental or physical conditions that require professional medical care. Yet essences can be very supportive in the healing process a if you are under medical care and chose to do both.