“Rhoni is amazing.  I have been seeing her for flower essences for the last 3 years.  We talk and then she consults with the flowers to find the perfect combination to support my physical spiritual health and well being.  The effects of the essences are both subtle and powerful as they work on many levels at the same time.  Rhoni is a true channel for spiritual healing and clearing.  I feel such love and grace in her presence.”



“Rhoni has an awe-inspiring gift to translate communications from your highest Self and your guides into an alchemical equation of flower essences and sacred support.  I have had numerous sessions with Rhoni and am continuously joyful and blessed to have her and the support her Gift of the Flowers provides for me in my life, especially when I am struggling in seeing the Truth.  Each session has granted me clarity to see the patterns I am creating and the structural support of the flowers to choose a new way.”



“Rhoni Groff has a gift for manifesting through her sprays and essences,  both the transformative and nurturing properties of flowers and plants.   Through her diverse products, Rhoni so gracefully and lovingly makes the healing power of nature accessible in both subtle and palpable ways, bringing to life the therapeutic qualities hidden within the very core of life.  Rhoni’s ‘Gift of the Flowers’ is truly a ‘Gift to us all’.”



“I found flower essences to be like a friend who supported me while I was journeying into the depths of my own being.  Having a nurturing friend and practitioner, as Rhoni, makes the whole experience of FE definitely amazing!”



“I want to first thank you for your "Fear Not" spray.  I was gifted a bottle when my husband was in the hospital fighting brain cancer.  It became a staple in every hospital room that we visited over quite a while.  I used it for both of us.  The hospital staff loved it and we did too.  Since his death, the beautiful blue bottle has been on my desk at work and I use it often.  I spray it on my forearm, rub my arms together and take in a beautiful breath filled with delightful smells.  When others around me are stressed, I spray the room.  They love it too. Please know that your products make a big difference in my life and that I send out positive energy to you for being a part of my life even though I don’t know you personally.” C.M.