Bold and Secure Spray  2 oz.

Bold and Secure Spray 2 oz.

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Certain, Confident, Secure and Bold

Essential Oils
Cedarwood- strength, confidence, and concentration to complete tasks we do not want to do.
Frankincense- deeply clarifying and calming affect on the intellect, promotes positive attitude & awareness, releases unworthiness, insecurity and fears. Focus our spiritual consciousness.
Lavender- Calming, uplifting, more positive, more composed and balanced emotionally.
White Pine -instills positivity, increases self confidence and counteracts negativity
Rosewood- calming ,balanced, uplifting, heightens focus, mental alertness and concentration.

Flower Essences
Borage- courage, peace, uplifting to the spirit
Larch- Releasing self-doubt, build self-confidence.
Magnolia- strength, courage to let yourself shine, knowing your inner and outer beauty and perfection
Protection Blend- 6 essences to support a tighter energetic field, clearing of dark energies in the field, lessening sensitivity to others and the environment, helping you feel more calm, peaceful and secure.
Red Cedar- assists in trusting the “wise one” within. Courage, strength and wisdom. Go for it!
White Cedar- assistance in clearing and releasing negativity.  Protecting and purifying.