Creativity Spray 2 oz.

Creativity Spray 2 oz.

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Receptive and inspired to confidently and creatively go forward

Essential Oils

Clary Sage- Mental & emotionally uplifting, enlivens the senses, dispels illusion and confusion.
Lavender- Calming, uplifting, more positive, more composed and balanced emotionally.  
Geranium- Relax the mind, calm agitation, ease frustration & irritability. Add more joy & acceptance.
Rose- Boosts self esteem, confidence and mental strength.  Can help relieve depression and anxiety.
Rosemary- Calm, relaxed, can help restore purpose and direction by strengthening self identity.

Flower Essences

Black Cherry- Creative expression. Generating new ideas and possibilities. Thinking “outside” the box. Reawakening enthusiasm. One becomes more willing to try and try again- something new emerges.
Buttercup- Assistance in finding validation from within, knowing the truth of who you are and what you are doing.
Iris- Inspired artistry, soulful creativity in touch with higher realms.
Larch- Self confidence and releasing self doubt.
Linden- Calming emotional turmoil
Missouri Primrose- For developing worthiness and self esteem. Coupled with Core Connection helps one understand one’s own Divinity
Scots Pine- Guidance in searching for the right path or direction in one’s life. Helps one find the strength
White Cedar-  Assistance in clearing and releasing negativity.  Protecting and purifying.