Focus Spray 2 oz.

Focus Spray 2 oz.

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Assistance to Calm the Mind and Focus your Attention to Accomplish your Goals

Essential Oils

Balsam Fir- Stabilizing and uplifting, assists during changing times.
Geranium- Relax the mind, calm agitation, ease frustration & irritability. Add more joy & acceptance.
Lavender- Calming, uplifting, more positive, more composed and balanced emotionally.
Orange- Uplifting, anti-anxiety, increase peace and happiness.
Rose- Boosts self esteem, confidence and mental strength.  Helps with depression and anxiety.
Vetiver- Deeply relaxing with a calm reassurance. Reduces nervous tension, depression and stress.
White Pine- Soothes, calms, encourages soft, gentle self reflection as it protects from negative energy.

Flower Essences

Balsam Fir- Balanced and grounded with inspiration, clears negativity..
Nervous System- Helps balance and soothe an over stimulated Nervous System, supports healthy neurological functioning
Quakeing Aspen- Mother Courage, Fearlessness in face of the unknown, doing what needs to be done.   
Red Cedar- Assists in trusting the “wise one” within. Courage, strength and wisdom. Going for it!
Red Oak- Helps one experience the totality of their being, assists in exploring new talents, horizons or aspects of oneself.
White Pine- Helps one center, ground, relax and focus.  Assists in being more stable and balanced.