Fear Not Spray 2 oz.

Fear Not Spray 2 oz.

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Ease Fear of Life, Death, Joy, Love Guilt & Gain Courage

Essential Oils

Cedarwood- strength, confidence, relaxing & can elevate one’s mood.
Clary Sage- mental & emotionally uplifting, enlivens the senses, dispels illusion and confusion.
Frankincense/Myrrh- deeply clarifying and calming affect on the intellect, promotes positive attitude & awareness, releases unworthiness, insecurity and fears. Focus our spiritual consciousness.
Geranium- relax the mind, calm agitation, ease frustration & irritability.  Adds more joy & acceptance.
Juniper- helps with self-absorption and worry rooted in fear of failure, helps uplift the spirit.
Lemon- anti anxiety, invigorating, uplifting & enhances a positive mood.
Lemon Tea Tree- focus the mind and help with concentration
Neroli- soothing, calming, anti stress, anti fear and depression, helps one face challenges.

Flower Essences

Archangel- awareness that every soul’s journey is protected & one is safe always.
Black Currant~ assistance in releasing fear of non-existence or loosing the ego and fear related to abandonment.
Blessed Thistle~ eases fear of life, guilt & punishment. Enhances feelings of joy.
Motherwort- for strength, assertiveness & setting healthy boundaries. For softening hardened personalities.
Bushy Violet Aster- helps one release fears around death to help us live more fully. Fears at the edge of transition.
Quaking Aspen- Mother Courage, Fearlessness in face of the unknown, doing what needs to be done.   
Red Cedar- assists in trusting the “wise one” within. Courage, strength and wisdom. Going for it!

Gem Essence

Peridot- enhances emotional stability, assists in activating physical and spiritual sight, helps essences work together.