I Am Enough Spray 2 oz.

I Am Enough Spray 2 oz.

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Know your  Self  Worth to fully Connect to your True Nature

Essential Oils

Lavender Spike- Stimulating, increases mental alertness and reduces stress.
Roman Chamomile- Calm, relaxed, assists in relieving excessive ego desire and resentment.  Increases happiness.
Clary Sage- Uplifting, calms the mind, enlivens the senses, restores confidence & courage.
Rose- Boosts self esteem, confidence & mental strength.  Helps relieve depression and anxiety.
Tangerine- Calming, up-lifting, relaxing and helps emotional balance.  Relieves stress &  enhances energy.

Flower Essences

Core Connection- Remembering mystical Divine connection.
Larch- Releasing self-doubt, build self-confidence.
Lobelia- For shyness or shame regarding oneself, courage to speak the truth about one’s self.
Missouri Primrose- For developing worthiness and self esteem.
Sunflower- Vacillating between lack of self esteem and arrogance, assistance in finding that Divine connection to the masculine within when father did not shine, like the sun, on you.  Strength to manifest.
True Spirit (Amma DB~Toronto ’14)- Calm, centered, repairing relationship to Love and Self and manifesting self worth outward. 

Gem Essences

Copper- Confidence, helps with worry and builds self esteem.
Sapphire- Mental and spiritual clarity and inner peace.