Inner-Act I Am Calm Spray      2oz.

Inner-Act I Am Calm Spray 2oz.

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Connecting to your Inner Guidance to be more Peaceful and Balanced.

Essential Oils:

Artemesia- Supports the nervous system, anti-stress.

Lavender- Calming, uplifting, more positive and composed.  Balances emotions.

Orange- uplifting, anti anxiety, fear and depression, increased peace and happiness

Petitigrain- Calms and balances emotions, helps with self acceptance and self control.

Norway Spruce- Calms the emotions bringing balance to the mind & body.   Purifying and up-lifting, reduces stress, clearing away sadness, sluggishness and mental fatigue.

Vetiver- Deeply relaxing with a calm reassurance. Reduces nervous tension, depression and stress.

Flower Essences:

Asiatic Day Flower 2020- Calming, quieting and strengthening. Clarity to see where one needs to relax, to gather strength and get clear inner guidance before moving forward in word and deed.

Bee Balm 2020- Soothing, assistance in finding more acceptance, joy, peace and
understanding. Being okay with all parts of yourself

Calendula 2020- Brings more peace to one’s system, helps one be soft and strong
and safe to open. Brightening one’s spirit to develop more confidence to act.

Chamomile- Clears emotions to become more calm, present, focused and clear. Able to say No with more ease as you can be in alignment with your own needs.

Star of Bethlehem 2020- Assists in overcoming shock, disturbing events and anxiety to be more grounded, calm, steady and strong.

White Pine Flower 2020- this essence is a beacon of Golden Light to ignite in you more Peace, and Trust. This understanding could assist one in accessing their courage to move through the unknown more calmly. This is done by raising your conscious awareness of the  Unconditional Love that surrounds us all and help you move through the mysteries.

Energy Essence:

Neem Karoli Baba- Stop looking for answers anywhere but Within in deep connection to your Heart and Light.  Try not to get involved with drama, it doesn’t serve you.  Your struggles, victories,indifferences, enthusiasm and love all draws you towards the Light.  Steady your Heart and Mind!