Inner-Act I Am Fully Present 2 oz.

Inner-Act I Am Fully Present 2 oz.

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Connecting to your Inner Guidance to unpack the past and step into a more grounded and focused present.

Essential Oils:

Cedarwood- Strength, confidence and concentration to complete tasks we may not want to do.
Frankincense/Myrrh- An oil of Truth. Feeling calm, safe and balanced. Can assist one in centering the mind and body and coming to a place of wholeness.
Lavender Spike- Calming, uplifting, more positive and composed. Balances emotions. Energizing and stimulating for better focus and concentration.
Linaloe- assistance in feeling less anxious, more relaxed . Eases a troubled mind
Siberian Fir- Invites us to get beyond pain, regrets and other negative attachments
to the past.  Allowing you to move forward. It calms and grounds as  you do so.
Tangerine- Calming, up-lifting, relaxing and helps emotional
balance.  Relieves stress &  enhances energy.

Flower Essences:

Angelica- strength, be bold and strong and deepen your connection to guidance. Connecting more fully to who you are as can strengthens your to stand alone and be strong.
Bee Balm 2020- Soothing, assistance in finding more acceptance, joy, peace and understanding. Being okay with all parts of yourself
Evening Primrose 2020- Can help one release attachment to past events and drop fear. Giving one more strength to act in the present to release, change and move forward.
Marshmallow 2020- Allowing things in our life that no longer serves us to be released. Be connected to Inner Guidance as you make these decisions. Just like trees, Pruning often assists us in growing stronger. One can be soft, flexible and strong.
Nettles- Accepting that pain in our life can be part of our healing. Can help us develop a clearer understanding of all circumstances in our life. Assistance in having a higher perspective to be more grounded and stable.
Norway Spruce- I can give one strength to feel more supported and safe to become the fullest expression of you.
Rudraksha- Assistance in letting go of stories from one’s past. Help to understand there is always more to the story and sometimes it’s for you and sometimes it’s about others in your story.The release of carrying old beliefs and stories can make one feel lighter and more present.