Inner-Act I Am Worthy Spray 2 oz.

Inner-Act I Am Worthy Spray 2 oz.

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Connecting to your Inner Guidance feel more Self Confident and Self Love

Essential Oils:

Geranium- Relax the mind, calm agitation, ease frustration and irritability. Adds
more joy and acceptance.

Lavender- Calming, uplifting, more positive, composed and balanced emotionally.

Rose- boosts self esteem, confidence and mental strength. Helps with anxiety.

Siberian Fir- Invites us to get beyond pain, regrets and other negative     attachments to the past allowing you to move forward. It calms and grounds .

White Pine- Clarifying, uplifting and invigorating. Clears the mind of stress and
enhances concentration

Ylang Ylang- Calming, relaxing, increases self love, confidence, joy and peace.


Flower Essences:

Amma Flowers, 2010- Developing a stronger relationship to Self Worth

True Spirit (Amma Flowers)- Calm and centered, repairing the one’s  
relationship to Self and Love and manifesting Self Worth outward. Being
an authentic, integrated, grounded full Self.

Borage 2020- Assistance in opening to Love, feeling deserving of Love
and more receptive to love. Borage brings more peace and is up-lifting.

Butterfly Bush- Assistance in manifesting from Self Knowing, Self
Love and Confidence and sharing your gifts from this new perspective.
I know I Am Strong and Beautiful.

Orange Day Lily- I represent a strength gathered by knowing my inner Beauty
and Self Worth. Not allowing oneself to be controlled by others.strengthening
Inner Knowing so I can manifest from that place of worthiness and love.

Pink Hydrangea- If you don’t know who you are then how could you be the Love and the Light that we all are. Loving oneself can change you and you can shine your Inner Light Brighter and Brighter outward.

Water Lilies 2020- There is a power to holding one’s heart open and paying attention to your actions, words and deeds. Helps one align with their Divine Self  and know that each on of us is Light and Love in a body, everything else is illusion.

Energy Essence:

Melchizedek- Learning and embodying absolute loving kindness from an open
heart. Being aligned with Righteousness and at Peace then expressing it outward.