Joy Spray 2 oz.

Joy Spray 2 oz.

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  Connecting to the Source of  Joy Within

Essential Oils

Balsam Fir-  Emotionally balancing and elevating. Supports clarity of mind.
Geranium-  Relax the mind, calm agitation, ease frustration & irritability.  Adds more joy & acceptance.
Holy Basil-  Relieves anxiety, stress and fear to feel more relaxed.
Lavender-  Calming, uplifting, more positive and more composed.

Flower Essences

Amma 2016- Assistance in dispelling doubt and sadness. Want something...reach for it.  Forgive, be Playful and Love Big!
Earth Light- Helps bring the earth Light deeply into the physical, pushes out toxic build up.
Golden Amaranthus- Letting go of over control and creating more ease and flow in life.
Hathor/Isis- Brings forth more love and laughter. Divine union of the heart.
Lovage- Helps us move in the world with a sense of safety and joy, assistance in developing a sense of exhilaration walking one’s path.
Lovejoy-  Opens the love-joy experience as an energy.  Enhances the awareness of the sacredness of all.  

Vibrational Essence

Neem Karoli Baba- Develop more peace by knowing who you are and remember to Love Everything.

Gem Essence

Azeztulite- Calming and uplifting.  This gem holds a very high vibration