Self Love Love Spray  2 oz.

Self Love Love Spray 2 oz.

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Heart Centered Self Awareness, Confidence, Forgiveness & Inner Peace

Essential Oils

Fragonia- Let go of the past, be more present, zen-like calmness, balance mind, body and spirit.

Rose- Boosts self esteem, confidence and mental strength.  Can help relieve depression and anxiety.

Tangerine- Calming, up-lifting, relaxing and emotional balance.  Relieves stress while enhancing energy.

Ylang Ylang- Calming, relaxing, increases self love, confidence, joy and peace. 

Flower Essences

Bellflower- Assistance in accessing our inner knowing, certainty can develop.

Buttercup- Assistance in finding validation from within, knowing the truth of who you are and what you are doing.

Pine- Self forgiveness, self acceptance and moving forward despite past mistakes.

Sassafras- Appreciating one's uniqueness and inner gifts offering them from a place of self-love , learning self-love.    

Star Tulip- Helps cultivate inner peace as well as sensitive and receptive attunement to one’s Soul’s messages.

Willow- Forgiveness of others, taking responsibility for one’s life situations, adaptable to changing circumstances.

Gem Essence

Ruby- Heart centered stability, confidence, balance and increased self esteem.