Transitions Spray 2 oz.

Transitions Spray 2 oz.

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 Calmly Accepting Change and the Unknown

Essential Oils

Lavender- Calming, uplifting, more positive and more composed.

Laurel Leaf- Helps one have more energy and confidence.  Helps with concentration and memory.

Lemon- Enhances learning, invigorating, uplifting and enhances a positive mood.

Rosemary- Calm, relaxed, may help restore purpose and direction by strengthening self identity.

Siberian Fir- Balance emotions, soothe anxious feelings

Ylang Ylang- Calming, relaxing, increases self love, confidence, joy and peace.  

Flower Essences

Amma’16- Play Big, Forgive Big, Let go and allow the Flow to Guide

Angelica- Assists in sealing the energy field compromised from stress or worry, more in touch with the Angelic realm.

Bellflower- Assistance in accessing our inner knowing, certainty can develop, for developing self knowing and self love.

Spikenard- Dancing gracefully thru life’s challenges, let go of resistance and allow the present moment effortlessly led one to the next present moment

Tidal Forces- Rhythm and balance, loss and gain. Adapting ourselves to the swiftly changing currents of life.

Walnut- Making healthy transitions, inner strength to follow one’s own path

White Pine- helps one be calmer, clearer, more grounded, relaxed, centered and focused.  An infusion of Golden Light to help one be in more in touch with their inner knowing to help when things are unknown.